Dance has significantly improved on my life and continues to do so day by day.  Some of the benefits include:

Improved posture and balance.

Developed personality.

Meet and connect with new friends.

Improved health.

Increased my range of motions and flexibility.

Relieved stress.

Built confidence.

Appreciation for the music and the arts.

Enhanced positive attitude.

Improved communications through body language.

Increased understanding.

Many more....

How dancing has changed me throughout the years.  I got very sick in 2007.

  Feb 2008                               March, 2010                              March, 2011                     June 2012    


Jan 2013                                                Nov 2013              March 2014                           Nov 2014

Dec 2015                                       March 2015                                             April 2015


In conclusion, I hope dance can have a positive impact on your life as it did in mine....

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