I started taking Ballroom dance classes, Ballet, Jazz, Afro-Haitian at the City College of San Francisco and other renowned private instructors in the Bay Area since 2007.  My passion in dancing started when I was a child.  I was always intrigued with movies that featured ballroom dance, such as Grease, Dirty Dancing and Saturday Night Fever.  However, having brought up in a conservative country which discouraged women from expression cause me to temporary give on my dance dreams.  I moved to America in 1987 and after watching "Dancing with the Stars" did I reconsider the idea that I could still become that dancer that I always dreamed of.  My passions for the next few years with dance, which had inadvertently crossed my path. First, I was attracted to everything that is creative and flamboyant like designing hair, fancy costumes,  rich music, dramatic expression and powerful, meaningful movements. It had come at a much needed time being that my lack of exercise was affecting my health. I began to devote my life and passion to dance, and let me tell you, I am glad to have done so.  After 10 years of dancing, I feel healthier and exuberance that I feel 15 years younger, at least.

I hope that I can help you find the spark of inspiration for dancing that got me where I am now!